• Prajna Dutta

Lockdown- A tragic necessity; a unique gift.

Days have flown by out of my window all this while since the lockdown started in our nation. Let me take the time to thank and acknowledge my government for taking such a strict and serious decision prior to the widespread crisis. There has been many observant changes since the quarantine days started.

People are responding pretty well to this, if calculated on a general basis and it feels good to conclude that our civilization has cut some slack for nature to heal itself. On the whole, the lockdown has also served good to humanity as we all are confined in our houses and challenged to keep ourselves occupied within the premises of the four walls.

From giving time to our family to trying out something we've always wanted to but couldn't keep at it for our occupancy in the monotony of daily endeavours, we are all pacing towards building a healthier environment for our motherland,Earth.

As my fingers tap on the keyboard, I can hear my mother working on the household chores. I know I'm about to go up to her and help her with the work soon; perhaps will ask her to take rest and do all the chores myself as soon as I am done writing.

The day has pumped up with mirth outside my house as the sunlight toppled over my balcony like an angel's halo. The honking traffic has mitigated to almost negligible and stray dogs and cows can now cross the streets better than a blind person caught in traffic. But, what's so special about this quarantine? CHANGE.

My morning starts with everyday excercises as always and there's so much to keep oneself entertained at home. As the 24 hours span mostly adheres to leisure time,

falling in love with love itself are some of the necessary tips to follow during the phase of quarantine. Additionally, I make it a point to watch at least one good movie every day. Besides, music is something serene to put your heart and soul in during these days. My guitar never draws dust as it's too busy tinkering with my fingers and senses. Making it obligatory to listen and cite any work of at least one artist, I feel that this quarantine is giving me a lot of feedback.

It's that time of the year when artists can prepare themselves for a great start, create something unique and work on the truest sense of Art. I have also chalked down a few projects that I'm planning on beforehand. Will be updating everyone after taking things into conclusion after the closure of lockdown.

Another bright aspect of our modern lives pertains to the fact that social distancing has kept us connected through digitalization in today's world. Although far away and streets barricaded, we are capable enough to talk with our friends and loved ones, our families far away and wide.

We all are just one call away. There's so much to do. Also during the lockdown, I take some time out to brush up my skills in martial arts.

The Home has become a safe haven for us all and besides, it is allowing me to focus on my inner self better these days. Exhaustion doesn't seep in and out like an intruder. Peace. There's peace in the air and solitude flapping its wings to sit on my lap as I watch the sun of dusk slowly drooling pleasantly below the horizon. In the morning and evening, I, along with my mother go out in our locality and serve food and eatables to the stray dogs. In this duration of crisis, my family has donated to the chief minister's and government's fund to raise the help that are being meted out to everyone for meeting the ends of the lockdown. Deeply appreciate people who have aided the government in their strife to help the needy with food and shelter. Anyway, I'll take your leave now. I need to help my mother cook food. We're having khichdi today. Take care, everyone. Stay safe. Stay indoors. Let's hope for the best!

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