• Prajna Dutta

Life - the summarised journey.

"That's Life..

That's what all the people say.."

When I begin to pen down the narrow lane of my thoughts, I want you to know that we're all in this together. Chalk down a few words. Picture this.

Your house. The sky above. Your shirts hanging in the closet. Your

store room reeking of mechanical odour. Witnessed by a kettle of tea that got tired of whistling. It's a day. We all begin with a week. Presumably, it's supposed to be Monday and it'd be boring, as far your thoughts suggest. It has always been this way. Running like a racehorse on the track.

Time fleets and it's supposed to, else you'd have never known what cloud watching felt like. What's Life, reader?

The buttons on the old shirt of that ten year old kid has either wrung out of it's clothing, or perhaps, stuck straight to the collar which would feel more like a noose if you tried to wear it up at this age. You cannot travel back, deliberately.

You visit places and Deja-Vu!

You're another amongst all, aren't you?

Remember that Life is an occurrence that keeps you on the lookout for water in deserts and long, short roads alike. You grasp the

daily routine of your Life and strive to bring a change. Life doesn't happen just for the sake of it. It continues on, till it reaches the climax of all of our shortcomings and heavy duties, once satisfied or surrendered. You keep breathing and surviving the breakdowns. On rainy days, you're the paper boat that floats over the bay, struggling till the last. On some days, you're the crowned beholder of your eligibility towards Life.

How do we remember people? Some do it by just names. Some people do, out of their history, worth and living. Some just do it out of notoriety or compassion.

Growing up is a vital accomodation you grant your Life. You make mistakes, you recorrect them, you break down and then stand up, fighting against odds. The city you live in holds up an indiscriminate air you breathe in while you're stationary or commuting. Likewise, the air had been shaped through the residential activities and nature's touch. You belong, that's all I want you to know as a prime concern.

You might be struggling through, outwardly to your emotions and all the chemical on-goings in your brain but that's all for a cause, noble or just.

You fell in Love once during this Life and you must've thought that

it was one of the best feelings ever you'd come across. Perhaps, you're still in Love. Your family, mates and loved ones are the reasons for which you live. There are songs that would come humming at your earlobes to satisfy an emotion you've been pertaining to lay your head on. The home that brings you to the last stop at the end of the day, was constructed by an engineer who might've failed middle school. Your parents have been working day in and out to shape the family's life into a satisfactory togetherness. You're doing it too, perhaps. Because that's what makes you, dear.

We're humans. We said, quoted, wrote books, sang songs and made films. It's all a correlation. In circles.

I just want you to remember that you're The Best.

"..I just pick myself Up; and Get; Back; In the Race;

That's Life.."

Frank Sinatra did his part. When are you doing yours?

Have a nice day, folks. Put on some music.

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